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Dedicated to securing and creating all kinds of efficiencies, our specialized service means tangible added value for our clients. Our extended experience allows us to only scale up when projects are demand for larger teams. Thus saving on unnecessary overhead costs which gives us a competetive edge! We focus on creating the best product in each project that matches your design needs. Our emphasis is aimed at FF&E, OS&E and interior design. We thoroughly review your new concept together with your selected architect and/or interior designer.

FF&E/OS&E Concepting

An experienced team disburdens our clients to avoid the headaches of sourcing and negotiations with multiple vendors

Interior Design

We offer bespoke furniture production, logistical solutions and assembly services. Knowing the major players in theĀ  field, we are able to accomplish the most demanding requests.

Project Management

Overall valued assignment to all project related, procurement, manufacturing and financial transactions.

Social Responsibility

Our key way to ensure inclusiveness and sustainability in any development or refurbishment project at hand.

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